A small fee is automatically deducted from the tickets that you sell. No other fees, cancel any time.

Starting from € 0.30

Per registration*


Complete registration solution for your event

Calculate the service fee, if applicable, to be paid by participants, so that Atleta doesn't cost you anything.

No limitations on the number of events, tickets, participants, etc.


5K+ participants


For organizations with many events or large volumes

Tailored advice and support for your events

Involvement in the development of new features

* The fee is 5% of the ticket price, with a minimum of € 0,30 and a maximum of € 0,90. Also applies to follow-up payments after the initial payment (for example: upgrades afterwards). In such cases, the fee is applied once to the entire payment. Mollie fee and VAT (21%) are not included.

Payments by Mollie

Create an account with Mollie and connect it to your Atleta account to receive payments via many payment methods such as credit card and local options. See Mollie pricing

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